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Hiking-Me and Michael's Trips
3-5-2005 Rattlesnake Ledge, Northbend, WA
3-6-2005 Twin Falls, Northbend, WA
4-9-2005 Franklin Falls, Northbend, WA
5-2-2005 Mount Si, Northbend, Wa
5-8-2005 Little Si, Northbend, WA
5-14-2005 Crystal Dig, Northbend, WA
6-11-2005 Bandera Mountain, Alpine Lakes Wilderness/North Bend, WA
6-18-2005 Carbon Glacier, Rainier National Forest, WA
8-12-2005 Rattlesnake Ledge, Northbend, WA
9-17-2005 West Tiger 3, Issaquah, WA
9-24-2005 Tiger Mountain-Tradition Lake Loop, Swamp Monster Trail, & Bus Trail, Issaquah, WA
5-20-2006 Coal Creek Falls/Cave Hole Trail/Wildside Loop, Cougar Mountain, WA
4-6-2007 Twin Falls/Alpine Lakes Wilderness/North Bend
5-4:6-2007 Potholes/Marco Polo Lake/Eastern Washington
12-29-2007 Cougar Mountain/Wilderness Creek Trailhead to shy Bear Pass/Washington
5-16:18-2008 Potholes/Marco Polo Lake/Eastern Washington
7-18-2008 Taylor River-Marten Creek, Otter Falls, and Big Creek Falls/Middle Fork Snoqualmie River, WA
8-2-2008 Naches Peak Loop, Chinook Pass, Mt. Rainier
8-9-2008 Naches Peak Loop, Chinook Pass, Mt. Rainier
8-24-2008 Snow Lake, Alpine Lakes Wilderness/Northbend/WA
8-31-2008 Dirty harry's Balcony/Alpine Lakes Wilderness/North Bend/WA
9-1-2008 Wallace Falls/Alpine Lakes Wilderness/Gold Bar/WA
9-20-2008 Summerland Trail/Mt. Rainier/WA
9-28-2008 Little Si/North Bend/WA
2-1-2009 Little Si/North Bend/WA
3-15-2009 Cougar Mountain/Wilderness Creek Trailhead to shy Bear Pass/Washington
4-25-2009 Rattlesnake Ledge, Northbend, WA
1-23-2010 Poo Poo Point, Tiger Mtn, WA
2-6-2010 Rattlesnake Ledge, Northbend, WA
4-30-2010 to 5-2-2010 Ancient Lakes, Coulees & Quincy Wildlife area, WA
8-20-2010 to 8-22-2010 Pacific Crest Trail,WA
9-10-11 Summerland Trail/Mr. Rainier/WA
10-29-11 Little Si/North Bend/WA
11 5-6 11 Ape Caves/Mt. St. Helens, WA
10-7-12 Burroughs Mountain/Mt. Rainier/WA

TBD Twin Falls to Rattlesnake Lake, Northbend, WA
TBD Mt. Fremont Lookout/Mt. Rainier/WA
TBD Glacier Basin/Mt. Rainier/WA
TBD Owyhigh Lakes/Mt. Rainier/WA

Navigational Compass/Map Instructions
Hiking Basics
Trail Conditions Mt.Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest
National Forest Pass Sites (Baker-Snoqualmie Forest)

Baker Lake

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Mt. Saint Helen's Cam