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Little Si Information
May 7, 2005 - Me and Michael
5 Miles rt - 1,200 ft elevation gain - maximum elevation 1,576 ft
At 1,576 feet, Little Si is not a lofty peak, but it does offer imposing cliffs that climbers practice on; mountain goats are sometimes seen around it and experienced scramblers know a couple different routes to its summit.

Little Si is a real mountain and on a windy day it can feel like you're miles from nowhere, especially near the summit, which is mostly bald and exposed to the elements.

The trail stays level until it reaches the base of Little Si and its astonishingly mossy walls. The trail winds around Little Si's base through a section of deep forest that is cold and dark. The breath of old glaciers lingers in these shadows and interspersed through the trees are boulders big as cars that plopped down and called it home a few centuries ago.

The trail winds around some more and then climbs the north side of the peak. Just before the trail starts to climb, if you look very closely into the trees, you'll see the ghost of a cabin, a dark and spooky place.

Bring plenty of warm clothing. It's often windy at the summit. Once you reach the top you can get about 180 degree views looking towards Snoqualmie Pass, McClellan Butte, Mailbox Peak, Rattle Snake Ledge, North Bend, and of course Mt. Si. The views are quite nice there is adequate room for many people in all the nooks and crannies which is a good thing considering the amount of people making use of the trail.

Driving Directions: Drive I-90 to the town of North Bend and take exit 31 into town. Continue east on the main drag, North Bend Way. Just east of town turn north on Mount Si Road (432nd SE). Turn right at the next intersection and drive .25 miles more to the new parking lot. The lot is designed to hold 50 cars and includes a state-of-the-art outhouse.