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Twin Falls
April 6, 2007 - Me
3.0 miles rt - 500 ft elevation gain
This is an ideal hike for small children, novice hikers, or anyone wishing for an easy low elevation walk in the woods at any time of year. One starts in second growth forest on a wide, well graded path. The South Fork of the Snoqualmie River soon comes in to view and there are several fine places to have a picnic by the river's edge or for kids to play in the water. After about 3/4 mile the trail switchbacks up to the top of a knoll, with views of the falls. The trail then descends gradually to near the river, before rising gently again to a bridge above the lower falls with spectacular views of both upper and lower falls. On the way, one passes a side trail to a viewing platform near the base of the falls, a huge fir tree, and clay banks which provide kids with a great opportunity to get messy.

It is possible to continue another mile past the bridge to the Iron Horse Trail and Iron Horse State Park.

Driving Directions: From I-90 take Exit 34 (Edgewick Rd). Turn right on 468th Ave SE. After 0.6 mi turn left on SE 159. Parking lot is in another 0.6 mile at the end of the road.